MFB Pottery offers a wide range of functional and decorative vases, jars, planters, bowls, lanterns and candleholders in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and themes. Our products are carefully designed from simple to ornate, from decorative to functional, and from contemporary to sleek modern. Using premium grade terracotta clays, our products are beautifully handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen showcasing their skills and artistry of an authentic Filipino craftsmanship and are finished in matte or gloss either hand-painted, airbrushed, or glazed finished.

Ivory Textured Vase

This terracotta vase has been painted with a glossy finish and features a diamond patterned textured base that keeps it classy

Zarina Vase with Rattan Handle

A glossy vase that has a distinctive golden rustic look enhanced with a handle wrapped in rattan keeping it eternal and timeless style

Grey/Ivory Miller Vase (set of 3)

Glossy finished miller vase. Each vase are purposedly designed differently to create countless possibilities for arrangements on tabletops, ledges, and mantels

Black and Ivory Interweave Lantern

Glazed terracotta lanterns with interweave design and softly contoured metal handle. Emits a lovely glow of symmetrical diamond geometrical shape

Planter Coastal Vase

This coastal designed planter vase is sure to attract a variety of moods and themes. Each vase has complementing colour to blend other decors easily

Glazed Andrea Vase

These beautiful vases has shiny gloss finish with white crackle patterned top and whirling brown wooden look on the bottom half

Carmona Vase

Carmona vase in matte finish blended with distressed ivory and brown top lip and opening. The beautiful diamond pattern rattan weaved in the body elaborates not only for aesthetics but also giving the sense of bump protection

Alpine Vase

Alpine vase in terracotta and white combination with rattan binding emulating a symmetric unfinished bird nest and an earthy presence


At MFB Pottery we strive to build honest, respectful and long lasting relationships with our suppliers, employees, and customers. We aim to deliver products of superior quality and meet the requirements and demands of our customers

About Us

MFB Pottery formerly trading as Melquiades Ceramics is a manufacturer and exporter of decorative and functional terracotta clay products. Established in 1972 by Melquiades Basilio and his wife Leticia Basilio started producing decorative pots, jars, planters, and vases which were sold directly to local communities. As the company grew, they decided to expand their market and subsequently ventured into exporting in 1990. The company has since become highly competitive in both the local and  international markets.

The company maintains its presence in the global market selling products to Europe, America, and Australia.

Today, the company is managed by their children and offering wider range of functional and decorative vases, jars, planters, bowls, lanterns and candleholders in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and themes.


Miriam B. Dungca
Export Manager
Tel: +63 45 8770557
Cel: +63 9178505714


Municipal Road, San Vicente
Santo Tomas, Pampanga
Philippines 2020